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The European Association of Railway Personnel

The European Association of Railway Personnel was founded on 22nd July 1961 in Turin, Italy, at a coming together of groups from France and Italy. The idea originated following a meeting of like-minded French and German railway personnel in Hamburg as an idealistic attempt to unite railway people throughout Europe to prevent future military conflict. Other nations were invited to sign up for what became a Europe-wide organisation,

The British Section 

The British section was founded in 1987 after a number of earlier false starts. A membership campaign in 1990 raised the membership to around 350 but this has dropped away following the privatisation of the railway industry. Current membership is about 30, made up of both active and retired staff at all levels and from all functions but we really want more like-minded people to join us.  
We meet for occasional visits, or just for a drink and a chat, in this country and join, whenever possible, with our continental friends for about a week for “European Days”, held once a year, in one or other of the member countries.
Reports of past visits, and details of visits to come, can be found on further pages of this website.

European Sections

Besides the British section, there are currently active sections in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Spain. Negotiations are in hand to set up a section in Bulgaria.,


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